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Tasmanian College of the Arts

The Tasmanian College of the Arts (formerly Tasmanian School of Art) is a valued associate of The Henry Jones Art Hotel. One of Australia's oldest and most highly regarded schools, the Tasmanian College of the Arts leads the development of postgraduate study in art and design. The redevelopment of the former jam factory buildings into a unique hotel offers an exciting opportunity for staff and students to work with the history of the buildings and their past activities and industry. Artworks resulting from investigations and interpretations of the site showcase the creativity of Tasmanian artists and designers, providing visitors with an alternative insight into Sullivans Cove and the significance of the Hunter Street precinct to the development of Tasmania.
In 2002 a University of Tasmania grant funded research into the potential of art and design to contribute to the redevelopment of Hobart's historic Hunter Island, now Hunter Street. Recognising the importance of Hunter Island to the development of Hobart, Tasmania and Australia, the project investigated and interpreted its industrial, social, cultural and architectural heritage and contemporary characteristics, resulting in ample creative stimulation for the Tasmanian College of the Arts' staff and students.
The close proximity of Tasmanian College of the Arts offers visitors to the Hotel an opportunity to further their art experience by engaging in the exhibition program at the student galleries.