Hobart Walks

(Endorsed Experience)

HobARTwalks offer walking art tours to introduce you to the vibrant, diverse and dynamic arts community of Hobart. You will be taken behind the scenes to visit artist's studios, commercial and non-commercial galleries and other spaces that are not always accessible to the public. On all ARTwalks you will view contemporary art by emerging and established artists and have the opportunity to meet gallery owners and artists to discover why Hobart is such a popular art destination.
Hobart’s art scene is in a constant state of flux so each ARTwalk is designed to take advantage of Hobart’s eclectic art calendar.
Experienced and friendly hosts have personal insights and insider knowledge, which is sure to enrich your art viewing experience. By combining local art, wine and tastes, ARTwalks are a fun and informative way to discover why there is much to like about art in Hobart!
For further information follow the link to the right to hobARTwalks website - bookings are essential!