The H Jones Suite

Rebuilt in the early 1900’s in an art noveau style, the administration offices of H Jones & Co. IXL jams retain the spoils of a thriving and exciting time in Tasmania’s history. The main staircase makes for a spectacular entrance to this area of the hotel, which features soaring Tasmanian Blackwood ceilings and original skylights allowing for the maximum of natural light to enter the space. Once you enter the H. Jones Suite, you will feel the allure of the past. The high pressured dealings of a multi-national company are no longer conducted in this original boardroom, allowing you to watch the comings and goings of the still operational fisherman’s wharf, bordered by the spectacular view of Mount Wellington. Relax on your king size bed, or for a truly calming experience, make use of the Kohler SOK overflowing spa bath. The walls of the H. Jones Suite provide the perfect setting to showcase works from Tasmania’s leading contemporary artists, allowing you to experience through another medium, the rich and colourful history of the early colony.
Features at a glance:
 - Original H Jones & Co. Boardroom
 - Tasmanian Blackwood ceilings
 - Views of Hobart’s waterfront
 - Original artworks
 - One bedroom suite
 - King size bed
 - LED TV and DVD player
 - Complimentary Wi-Fi 
 - Yamaha iPod Dock
 - Compact kitchenette
 - Nespresso Coffee Machine
 - Large walk in shower
 - Kohler SOK Overflowing Spa
 - Valet parking
A reincarnation of the bathing ritual, the SOK overflowing bath by Kohler creates the ultimate soaking experience. Completely submerged in this ultra- deep, tranquil pool, your body is lightly buoyant and embraced by warmth. Add to that the sensory pleasure of champagne-like bubbles and the sound of flowing water and the result is total relaxation.
Please note - For reservations held 25th December to 4th January inclusive; changes can be made to reservation until 1st October, where by a full non refundable prepayment of accommodation is required. Failure to receive prepayment by 1st October will result in the reservation being cancelled within 25th December to 4th January inclusive. Reservations booked post 1st October will require full non refundable prepayment at time of booking, changes can not be made.

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