Annette Fleming

Hand Painted Black Rainbow Boards

The inspiration for my paintings is Tasmania, its fauna and flora and the tradition of illustration as a means to tell a story.  I combine new technologies with traditional processes. Starting with one of my photographs, I digitally modify the image and use this as a reference for the final image. This gives me a way to layer different images and try out design ideas.

I enjoy working with a variety of materials most recently painting on Tasmanian timber in the form of skateboards made locally by Black Rainbow boards. This process of collaboration gives an opportunity to display images in a unique way that reflects the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness.

Annie Fleming, 2022


Black Rainbow Boards make traditional Tasmanian handmade Skateboards. We use Canadian rock maple with Tasmanian timber finishes. Each board is made with the aim of being unique to anything else we’ve made. Our goal is to use Skateboards for the greater headspace of the community. We support and collaborate with as many local businesses as possible and local artists.

The Aim: To bring local made items back to the market, whilst showcasing what Tasmania has to offer!

Al Morgan,

Black Rainbow Boards