Mary Scott

Mary Scott studied at the Canberra School of Art and then at Tasmanian School of Art, completing a MFA in 1987. She taught at the Canberra School of Art and the University of Northern Territory, before returning to take up a teaching position in painting at the Tasmanian School of Art in 1991 where is she completed a PhD in 2001. She is a founding member of the Digital Art Research Facility established at the University of Tasmania in 1995 and was a recipient of an Australian Research Grants in partnership with other members. Scott’s work has been exhibited regularly since 1990, is included in many public and private collections and she has been awarded both teaching and practice-based grants. Mary’s work is referenced through numerous texts and catalogues. Mary was awarded a three year Rising Stars research grant for 2010 and was the School of Art Research Co-ordinator from 2007-2009.

‘There are things in the world and worlds in things.

I am motivated by a passion for both the natural sciences and the arts. Through drawings and objects I weave heterogeneous and antithetical forms and objects into enigmatic and shadowy representations that speak to the symbiotic relationship between all things, whether natural or man-made, and to interdependence of subjective experience and the physical world. Everything about our human world is fragile. My artwork originates in my anxiousness about the fragile state of life and the catastrophes that are altering the synergy between humans and the natural world.”