Zoe Grey

‘Through the translation of intimate experience and engagement with the landscape, my work presents a pictorial equivalent for the complex sensation of being in, and a part of, place.

Responding to the southern Tasmanian landscape I recently inhabited and interweaving recollections of the landscape I identify with on the northwest coast of Tasmania, a sense of place has emerged. The paintings have evolved through a re-collection of forms and textures, the embodied memory of landforms and a deep familiarity of the dominant ocean. The intimate, physical process of layering the form of a rock or mountain, tracing the delicate lining of the sand or scratching the surface of the sea in paint, amplifies the high awareness and attention paid when immersed in the landscape.  Along with the elongated display, the work employs altering perspectives, viewpoints and abstraction to enhance the ambiguous, un-real sensation of feeling a place. Focus and details vary through the work, reflecting a flux of interaction between the land, sea and sky. Senses shift and adjust as they do in the landscape while the vague recognisable landforms are fragmented, abstracted and merged in the paintings.’ – Zoe Grey