Zoe Lovell

Tired Rituals

The majority of women, both young and old, wake up each morning and begin their rituals of making themselves feel beautiful. From picking their outfits to arranging their hair and applying their makeup, women strive to create a better outward version of themselves.

Although not always the case, many women can feel down or uncomfortable when they haven’t performed these rituals and feel that they aren’t ready to be seen yet. However, these empowering acts can grow tedious. These portraits have been created solely by the action of pinpricking paper which represents the amount of effort girls and women put into their outward appearance on a daily basis. The figure is nude, to emphasise her vulnerability when she doesn’t perform these rituals and her body language combines moments of feeling uncomfortable with the need to feel desired. Much like the acts of doing our hair and putting our faces on, the dull and physically painful act of pricking a page is also a ritual.