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Contemporary Tasmanian Art
at The Henry Jones Art Hotel


“Drawing from my earliest childhood memory of displaying symptoms of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) where for extended periods of time I sat writing out pages of consecutive numbers.  These new paintings are a continuation of my interest and exploration of identity, process and repetition.  This new body of work continues on from a series of paintings completed in 2014 starting at 68177.” - Chris Hamnett 2017

November 2017 – January 2018

Exhibition Opening:  The Packing Room, Wednesday 1st November 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Chris' numerous number paintings will be dispersed through the hotel lobby with the majority being displayed in The Packing Room from Wednesday the 1st of November through to early January.  


From the 30th August, Steve Woodbury's gunpowder works will be dispersed throughout the hotel lobby and the atrium walkway, with the main showcase in The Packing Room until November.


THE BIG BANG, gunpowder works by STEVE WOODBURY

Exhibition Opening:  The Packing Room, Wednesday 30th August 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Exhibition will continue until November.


Gaining a BFA with Honours and a Masters of Fine Art (MFA) by Research, combined with training in sport, pain recovery and experience with Zen, has led Steve to a deep interest in conscious and unconscious processing. With over 27 individual exhibitions and numerous group shows over twenty years his work can consequently be found in public and private collections throughout Asia, Europe, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

These artworks merge traditional philosophies and experimental media to reinvigorate the weighted, historical concerns of calligraphy, language and the nature of perception and meaning within a contemporary painting practice.   Through the fusion of ancient analogue and contemporary digital communication, comes a unique extension of the calligraphic lineages of information transfer and gesture, which questions the nature of memory, language and perception.

“The juxtaposition of the ancient material of gunpowder fused into contemporary substrates becomes the ultimate Zen moment, where unseen universal forces remove the added material to leave a trace of that embodied gesture – I create the destruction that creates the creation.” – Steve Woodbury

The Packing Room

The Packing Room is a new gallery and function space located in the IXL Atrium.



Untitled (No Idea); New Paintings by DAVID HAWLEY

Exhibition Opening

Tuesday 28th March 5:30pm - 7pm

David is a current PhD Candidate at the Tasmanian College of the Arts.

This exhibition is in association with Colville Gallery, Salamanca.

Artist Statement

When beginning a painting I aspire to remain open to possibility, to purge my mind of any preconceptions, to be without self-consciousness and the burden of consequence, to act intuitively and impulsively, to almost have no idea and to not know anything; nothing matters. This can be liberating.

I strive to maintain this condition throughout the making but the longer it continues the more impossible it becomes. With every decision and every action the nothing moves closer to something. It proliferates as a cycle or loop between recognition and unrecognition, between creation and destruction, between hope and futility, between idea and no idea.

These circumstances and their implications remain evident in the finished work.

Not knowing is not experience stripped clean of knowledge, but a mode of thinking where knowledge is put into question, made restless or unsure. Not knowing unsettles the illusory fixity of the known, shaking it up a little in order to conceive of things differently.[1]

Not knowing facilitates wonder.


David Hawley

January 2017

[1] P.131, Cocker, Emma, Tactics For Not Knowing. Preparing For The Unexpected. As published in Fisher, Elizabeth and Fortnum, Rebecca, On Not Knowing. How Artists Think. 2013, Black Dog Publishing, London.

Art in The Lounge

The Lounge is an extension of the Hotel foyer and offers a relaxing and alternative space to see a range of artworks by Tasmanian artists.

View the current exhibition

Art Gallery at The Henry Jones Art Hotel

Art at the Henry Jones

The Henry Jones, Australia's first dedicated art hotel, exhibits original contemporary artworks by emerging and established Tasmanian artists.

Art is an intrinsic part of The Henry Jones experience, environment and culture. Original work is exhibited in our public spaces, The Lounge, Art Installation Suite, IXL Long Bar, Landscape Restaurant and Grill, Jam Packed Café and in every room and suite. The Packing Room is the newest addition to The Henry Jones and presents exhibitions in a high-end gallery environment.

The works that you’ll encounter at The Henry Jones Art Hotel are created by emerging and established Tasmanian artists, including graduates from the Tasmanian College of the Arts, independent practitioners and artists represented by some of Hobart's leading commercial galleries. The collection includes original paintings, prints, works on paper, photo media, sculpture and design.

Most of the artworks are for sale and you’ll find the entire range listed in our Art Catalogue, which is available for viewing online. You can also view the latest edition of Art News for current arts information and events at The Henry Jones and Hobart, and you can join our Facebook page to receive updates.

Art at Reception

The Henry Jones Art Hotel offers our artists the opportunity to exhibit their artworks across several locations throughout the IXL buildings.

To be informed of our upcoming art exhibitions, openings and art events, join our mailing list.  

Zoe Grey - feature artist at Reception

2016 Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate, Tasmanian College of the Arts

Here nor There, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas
85 x 500cm


Through the translation of intimate experience and engagement with the landscape, my work presents a pictorial equivalent for the complex sensation of being in, and a part of, place.

Responding to the southern Tasmanian landscape I recently inhabited and interweaving recollections of the landscape I identify with on the northwest coast of Tasmania, a sense of place has emerged. The paintings have evolved through a re-collection of forms and textures, the embodied memory of landforms and a deep familiarity of the dominant ocean. The intimate, physical process of layering the form of a rock or mountain, tracing the delicate lining of the sand or scratching the surface of the sea in paint, amplifies the high awareness and attention paid when immersed in the landscape. Along with the elongated display, the work employs altering perspectives, viewpoints and abstraction to enhance the ambiguous, un-real sensation of feeling a place. Focus and details vary through the work, reflecting a flux of interaction between the land, sea and sky. Senses shift and adjust as they do in the landscape while the vague recognisable landforms are fragmented, abstracted and merged in the paintings.


Art and History Tour

When you stay with the Henry Jones Art Hotel, you’re immersed in an environment of original, contemporary art. It’s like staying in a beautiful art gallery.

Our Art and History Tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy and experience the Henry Jones art collection in more depth, and to share in the stories of the Henry Jones site and the generations of people who have created it.

Your knowledgeable and passionate guide will lead you through the intriguing spaces and corridors of the hotel, sharing stories of the artworks on display and the deep history etched in the fabric of these heritage buildings. You’ll discover The Henry Jones story, from thriving industrial beginnings, to its place as Australia’s only dedicated art hotel. Enjoy a glass of wine as the narrative of the site and its art unfolds.

Our Tours operate daily at 4pm*. Tour cost is $20.00 per person. Bookings are essential and can be made by emailing the hotel Concierge. For more information you can also contact us on +61 3 6210 7700.

*Tour departures may be subject to change. Please check with our Concierge at the time of booking.

Art Gallery at The Henry Jones art Hotel

The Tasmanian College of the Arts (TCotA)

The Henry Jones Art Hotel has a close and valued connection with the Tasmanian College of the Arts (formerly known as the Tasmanian School of Art). Located adjacent to The Henry Jones Art Hotel, TCotA is one of Australia's oldest and most highly regarded schools, and is a leader in art and design postgraduate study.

The relationship between The Henry Jones Art Hotel and TCotA emerged in 2002, when the site’s architects and developers embarked on a collaborative project with the art school to identify strategies for incorporating art, design and other cultural elements into the development that respected the social significance and heritage values of the site. The result is The Henry Jones Art Hotel—an extraordinary artistic and cultural destination and award-winning luxury hotel.

As a guest of The Henry Jones Art Hotel you have a unique opportunity to further your art experience through viewing TCotA student exhibitions at the Plimsoll and Entrepôt galleries, located adjacent to The Henry Jones Art Hotel.

Art exhibitions at The Henry Jones art Hotel

COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

If you’ve fallen in love with a piece of original Tasmanian art at The Henry Jones Art Hotel, there’s no reason why you can’t take it home with you.

We are a participating arts business for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme—a 12-month, interest-free loan program available to Australian residents. The Tasmanian Government designed the scheme to encourage and facilitate the purchase of contemporary Tasmanian art. Online application is simple.

For more detailed information, visit or pick up a COLLECT brochure from the Henry Jones reception desk.