Get to know the neighbourhood before you arrive. Come for a virtual wander around four key precincts to get your bearings and find out who’s nearby.

Before you even set foot in Hobart, let us whisk you away on a digital stroll through the vibrant precincts that give our neighbourhood its soul. From the historic charm of Salamanca to the bustling Hobart Docks, the quaint streets of the Hunter Street precinct, and the contemporary vibes of the MACq 01 complex, each corner of our community is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered. Welcoming you to explore the unique blend of art, history, and culture that awaits, we’re here to guide you through a luxury journey where every moment is infused with Tasmanian warmth and the sophisticated elegance of The Henry Jones Art Hotel.


Heard of Salamanca Market? You’re in prime position, just a short walk away.

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Hobart Docks

Wake at Henry Jones and you’ll likely enjoy the sight of bobbing cray boats in Hobart’s working docks.

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Hunter Street Precinct

Back in 1820 this cultural precinct was born by virtue of a causeway built to connect Hunter Island and Hobart’s shore.

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MAC01 Complex

The location of the MAC 01 Complex has some serious history. It’s gone from a wharf market, to a shipping shed to Australia’s first storytelling hotel, MACq 01.

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