Ben Tither

Closed Loop Systems: A totpographical Map of the mind

My work aims to bridge the gap between drawing and sculpture by utilizing computer systems that allow for a multiplicity of form. I developed this project from a linear method of drawing that begins with a single closed loop. From this apex, a new loop is formed, slightly larger and similar in shape. The structure continues this pattern, accumulating information, increasing in size as it grows outward. These loops can be read topographically, which allows me to produce accurate three-dimensional models from my two dimensional drawings. I then use computer software to convert my models into language of code for a machine router to decipher. It processes the hundreds of coordinates and cuts with millimetre precision the material of my choosing. The sculpture is left bare to place greater emphasis on line, form, light and shadow. The smooth edges and gentle curves present these forms as highly organic and fluid in nature. By incorporating fixed or moving light, the sculpture jumps out into its surrounding environment, displaying its playful shadow. 

The foundations of this project can be traced back to my immersion in the world of street art. I was captivated with how fluid arcs of colour could wrap around the multi–faceted urban landscape and lift the space on an emotional level. The bond I had formed with graffiti soon collided with my love for architecture, a resolute rule based system of design. By amalgamating the two disciplines, I have developed this highly process-based practice.  – Ben Tither