Bronwen Jones

Bronwen graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Masters of Teaching in 2001.  She moved to Hobart soon after to focus on her art practise, exhibiting in many solo and group exhibitions thereafter.   She then completed her Masters in Fine Art in 2018 through the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative arts.


All Artwork

My work is motivated by an abiding interest in the concept of home, and how to define and represent it. The fleeting, the glimpse, the uncertainty of belonging, loss, unease, and hope are all ideas which have reoccurred throughout my work for quite some time.  In past work, prior to embarking on postgraduate studies these themes were expressed through landscape and sky scapes, and for many years these works were devoid of a human presence, until eventually a long held interest in Architecture began to appear in my work.

In recent work these ideas have been expressed through the depiction of buildings, and in particular houses, and on reflection I have had to acknowledge that this development is based on a fundamental and personal fascination with ideas connected to notions of home. The subject of my work has shifted to interior scenes, dealing with notions of intimacy, light and shadow, and the associations of comfort, shelter and security that a sense of home can bring. – Bronwen Jones 2018