Corinne Costello

In 2005 Corinne graduated with honours in printmaking from the University of Tasmania. In September 2008 she completed a post graduate oil painting course of old masters techniques at The Charlie Sheard Studio School in Sydney. Her mastery of these techniques amplifies the vision of abstraction she brings to the canvas. The results are mysterious and joyful as the artist’s intuitive response to the medium of oil on linen allows the works to reach a spiritual conclusion. The paintings have their own internal dialogue and offer the observer an endless narrative.  For Corinne, painting is a creative state of being present to the medium which is paint and linen and present to the act of painting through touch. – Kate Kennedy White, Curator and Art Writer, Sydney

Poetica 2019

From the traditional background of Old Masters’ painting techniques this new body of work brings a distinctly eastern perspective. A combination of acrylic and ink underpainting allows a calligraphic freedom which is then completed in oil paint and interference pigments to add luminosity and form.

Inspired by those such as travelling poets, who have ever climbed a mountain and spoken their words into the wind, the paintings have become a more personal exploration for the artist. The line becomes an abstracted code to experience her ongoing interest in the dichotomy of form and formlessness, of space and the void.

‘In Eastern philosophy the void is sometimes called potential space rather than negative space. In these paintings the process for me becomes a meditation into a place of endless possibility, of infinity.’