Dane Chisholm

Dane Chisholm utilises a whimsical and playful approach to his subject matter. Bold graphic referencing the world around him, his East Coast home by the sea, imaginative creatures and landscapes of the area both the sparse microscopic details and the chaotic wilderness. Dane’s connection to place, as well as his stylistic influences are derived in part from his paternal Tasmanian Aboriginal ancestry. Dane has been a selected finalist in a number of prizes such as the Bay Of Fires Art prize, Burnie Print Prize, Tidal Devonport Regional Art gallery, Bruny Island Art Prize and the Heyson Prize in Adelaide.

As an artist living in Tasmania, nature is one of the biggest influences in my visual expressionism.  Being surrounded by organisms and plant life that are entwined with each other and manage to wrap their way around my thoughts and imagery. I’m interested in nature because of its free flowing lines, detailed patterns and mysterious origins. Abstracting the landscape into dynamic images comes naturally to my process as I make most of my art work. The images grow and take on a life form of their own, developing and fragmenting parts of their energy into other sprouts of new life.                                                                                                                                              – Dane Chisholm