Emine Lewis

Emine is a Tasmanian College of the Arts 2016 BFA Graduate.

Guilty Pleasures


Eating chocolate, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and having sex are activities that can make us feel good, bringing pleasure through a chemical release of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. But at what cost? We have been told that moderation is the key… However, to be honest with ourselves, who can stop at one piece of chocolate or just one alcoholic beverage?  Sadly, once the pleasure has faded, all that remains are empty wrappers, guilt, and relentless cravings for more.  This ongoing cycle has become deeply intertwined with my daily pursuit of happiness and as such I often find myself consuming copious amounts of chocolate without considering the underlying cause or outcome.

Each carefully rendered item on the canvas is quickly consumed with the eyes before the need to move onto the next takes over.  In moderation the artefacts are gratifying, but with the excessive amounts presented they become overwhelming.