Emma Margetts

Emma Margetts – Spooky action @ a distance

Spooky action @ a distance is about interconnectivity and our physical and virtual environments.
It explores the ecological, humanitarian and technological challenges we currently face.
The exhibition asks … if we can create artificial intelligence and potentially artificial consciousness … can or will these new found powers be intelligent or conscious enough to save humanity from itself?

A Different History

Emma Margetts is a non-Aboriginal Australian artist of Anglo-European descent painting images inspired by the identity, history and culture of her current home lutrawita/Tasmania. The artwork within this exhibition hopes to question colonial and enlightenment values that underpin our contemporary consumer capitalist ethos, currently in crisis, such as humanity’s separation from and dominion over the natural world.

Drawn to Aboriginal culture as a way of understanding her own connection to her birth land and place in the world, she is deeply troubled by the lack of honest recognition by the Australian government given to the annihilation of the Aboriginal people and their way of life, as well as the unresolved moral, legal and financial responsibilities of the invaders to the First Australians.

The latest exhibition by Emma Margetts explores colonial cultural narratives set against the backdrop of humanity’s current relationship with the natural world. As we face the challenges of a changing climate, over-population, a pandemic and the continuing forms of imperialism embedded within western consumer capitalist behaviour that undermines our continuing existence. A Different History suggests that the imperatives of 21st century human survival may require listening to our planet’s ancient knowledge systems and the spiritual wisdom of our First Nation people. It proposes the current global crisis heralds a collective ‘armageddon of consciousness’ necessary to heal time and reclaim Earth’s agency.