Genevieve de Couvreur

The circular and linear paintings that I have been doing for several years now are evolving and giving way to a new series entitled ‘Memory’.

The use of obvious narrative is no longer required. Instead, the primary focus is on the layering of paint, colour and brush stoke. The paintings are simple, yet complex, and allow the viewer to move freely within the work.

Memory, for me, is a series of experiences: they take shape and form, and continue to live within us . Largely invisible forces embrace the full gamet of our feelings. Memory is a world of polarities that drive, motivate, challenge, and inspire; and cannot be controlled. On a more humorous note, memory translates as, “the fact or condition of being remembered; ‘exemption from oblivion’ (The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd Ed., 1959, p. 1232).

– Genevieve de Couvreur