Gillian Lojek

Gillian makes a conscious effort to create her own signature with paint as the medium. She likes the work to have its own language and to able to talk to the viewer.

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As my original training was in the graphic arts, my work naturally leads towards a graphic image as opposed to a painterly image. I made a conscious effort to create my own signature with paint as the medium, I like the work to have its own language and to able to talk to the viewer, or tell its own story.

In my work I like to capture ethereal moments in nature that people in their busy lives miss. People have become too busy to see what’s around them, and take the environment for granted. I see beauty in the small things in the natural world, the pattern of the sandstone rock, the wind in the grass, that moment of a sunrise never to be seen again. I make an emotional response to my visual surroundings, and hope to make the viewer take an outward rather than an inward view on life, to appreciate the small and unexpected, and perhaps to realize how small and insignificant we are as humans in the scheme of things.

I use a texture and a textural quality to pull and involve the viewer into the heart of the painting, and want to physically interact with the work. To make the work a personal experience, to literally want to touch.

When a viewer gets to know a painting it also becomes not only about the subject matter, but about the paint itself, the texture, the interplay of colours, and how the collaboration of contrasting and harmonious colours can produce a completely new third aspect.

Gillian Lojek 2012