Jane James

Jane James is a Tasmanian artist also based in Brisbane, her work informed by travels to environments in the Asia Pacific region and while her work is largely representational, there is manipulation of visual language to overlay additional meanings.

Kelp Forests

Jane James is an artist who pursues a reference to the critical nature of the marine interface and interaction. Over thirty years she has lived by and dived in our oceans and this body of work highlights the majesty and beauty of the kelp forests. Recent years has seen a sharp decline in these native habitats. Consequently Jane paints a world that is almost lost, to record her memories and those of our generation, from her own experiences and photographic records.

We Said Yes

In ‘We Said Yes’ each piece is a visual signal that forms part of a larger whole, the relationship between individual pieces assured by the continuity of rope. There is also a lighter tone to the language, the ropes and sticks more playfully arranged, pliable and rigid elements entwined but not constrained by knots. Equality would have no meaning without differences. It’s self-evident that two identical entities or objects are the same, it is redundant to assert that they are equal. The concept of equality requires us to recognise differences but also to acknowledge the similarities and shared aims that demand fair and consistent treatment and equal respect. In the end, we did it. Each survey vote an individual signal, collectively creating meaning. Imperfectly, we affirmed that equal consideration, dignity and respect should be available to all of us. We brought equality a little bit closer.