Jeewan Suwal

Artists Statement

Jeewan Suwal paintings are intimately concerned with psychological and emotional aspects of place.  Suwal usually uses acrylic paint as his medium to paint. In his painting, he aims to explore personal thought, emotion and mobility through psychogeography to trace his experiences of sense of place and placelessness. He seeks to examine the importance of the concept of drift from psychogeographer eyes experimenting and exploring space in paintings. He explores the ways that painting can be used to combine memories of home, new experiences in new place and an overall sense of place that is not tied to just one location. Through visual representation, he explores the intersection between mental, emotional and geographical factors that shape our experience and understanding of place. Exploration through being lost in place; curiosity from wandering and appreciating the awareness that comes from drifting through a place or situation is reflected in his body of work.



Suwal received his Master in Applied Design and Arts (2019) from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia; Master’s in Fine Arts (2012) and Bachelor in Fine Arts (2010) with honors from Banaras Hindu University, India. He is also the recipient of I.C.C.R Scholarship (2006-2010) from Government of India. He has participated in numerous art exhibitions and workshops internationally.

Suwal moved to Tasmania in the beginning of 2020 just before the Covid19 hit the state. He has been working as a freelancer visual artist. Notably, he is an invited artist to exhibit one of his installation arts in MONA FOMA 2022. The installation will be the third edition of this work title- ‘Listen to the Earth’ which was reaction to the Nepal earthquakes 2015, which also has been selected to exhibit in Moesgaard Museum, Denmark between September 16, 2016 and 30 January 2017.

Meanwhile, he exhibited his works in 2019 ‘Psychogeography’ Kent Street Art Gallery, Victoria Park, WA, Australia; Curtin University Grade Show, 2018; Perth, ‘Reflection25.04.16’ at Patan Museum, Nepal; paralleled exhibition in Briston, UK; he also had marked exhibition of water-color painting in Israel in 2015. Suwal has participated numerous group exhibitions, including ‘The Solace of Art’ (Siddhartha Art Gallery 2016, Nepal), ‘Co-Creative’ (Portugal, 2015); ’12 Baishakh Camp Hub’ (community –Art project 2015), ‘Amalgamation of Color’ (Delhi, India 2015); ‘Artists from B.H.U. ‘(Siddhartha Art Gallery, 2015); ‘Kolkata International Performance Art Festival’, ‘International Art Exhibition- FACT India’ (India 2014); Residency Art Expo, Gallery Jolrong (Bangladesh 2014). In 2013, he was part of the ‘Crack International Art Camp’, Bangladesh. Same year he had NIV studio residency in New Delhi. He has participated in each edition of the Annual B.H.U. shows while attending the institution. His works are in collection internationally. He is also a recipient of the Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center’s (KCAC) Residency Awards.