Kate Piekutowski

Kate Piekutowski is an Australian/Polish artist who predominantly works within the area of printmaking. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Piekutowski finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 from the University of Tasmania and later completed her Masters of Fine Arts (June 2013).

Through the medium of etching, she explores the concept of cultural identity. Her works reflect on a disconnection with her Polish heritage and ancestors as well as discusses the history of Europe and its folkloric background. Being a first-generation child of migrants, she is intrigued by the concept of belonging. Piekutowski intends to trigger within the prints senses of nostalgia and memories of a ‘homeland’ as well as depicting her own personal naivety of a romanticized world.

Piekutowski has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Gallery Pejean, Colville Gallery, Inka Gallery, Moonah Art Centre, The Stable Gallery, Rebecca Roth Gallery, Goulburn Street Gallery, Sidespace Gallery, BSG Gallery, The Long Gallery as well as internationally. She has also completed artist residencies in Portugal, Italy, Greece, New Zealand and most recently India. She expects to keep exhibiting in Tasmania and Melbourne as well as branching out to London, Italy and New York.


Marking Time, Marking Place

This exhibition showcases recent works by two Tasmanian printmakers who have studied and exhibited together several times in the past, as they share commonality in their processes and their inspirations. Piekutowski and Meeker both perceive landscape in its full scale and its minutiae. Australian flora and fauna make their presence, as well as more nostalgic motifs including architectural landscape, textures, and repetitive patterns in the form of textiles, fabric, weaving and hand stitchery.  The exhibition aims to focus on the mastering of etching, where textures, line work, plate tone and mark making have an incredible significance in making their unique state works distinctive.

A City Between Worlds

A City Between Worlds is an exhibition of hand-painted etchings that reflect on the last few years, living between places. I find myself reflecting on memories and a sense of belonging, particularly since having my son in 2022.  Many of these compositions came to me during pregnancy and post birth.  Naturally, vessels, Australian native plants and symbols of growth and fertility have become the catalyst for this body of work; becoming an ode , or an homage rather, to my home.