Kim Lehman

Kim Lehman is a visual artist, curator, and writer, and lives in Launceston, Tasmania. The common thread that runs through his work is an interest in how we interpret present stimuli through the filter of past experience to form our perception of the world around us. His photography-based works often take the form of condensed narratives where idea and image provide an intense insight into memory—frequently these works ‘data mine’, and then reconstruct, his photographic memories. Similarly, Kim’s video works often explore places familiar to us, either personally or by extension, sometimes adding a touch of the surreal, with a view to encouraging the audience to look more closely at how we all perceive our lived experiences.


The video series Scenes from Urbania aims to create disturbances in familiar landscapes, where the viewer is drawn into a strange vortex within which the culturally familiar becomes, simultaneously, a meditative experience and an unsettling distortion of the real world.

Scene #6 focuses on Australia’s fascination with ‘the bush’. Most Australians live in large urban areas less than 50km from the coast, and have done so since white settlement. Yet we have a fascination with ‘the bush’ that appears deeply ingrained in our national psyche, and have sought to represent it in a multitude of art forms.