Rachael Rose

Rachael Rose grew up in Brisbane and originally worked in fashion and costume design. She moved to Tasmania in 1991 and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in printmaking at the Tasmanian School of Art in 2002. Through her printmaking practice she continues research into gardens and their personal meaning. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions and her first solo exhibition, Secret Garden, was held at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in December 2002. Her Warratina Carpet is permanently installed at the Bahá’í Centre, in Hobart. Since 2006 she has been employed as Keeper of the Fine Art Collection held by the University of Tasmania.

Through my art practice I explore the garden and its many meanings to us. In a time of technology and instant gratification the garden offers us a space of contemplation, with sensory, emotive, and spiritual dynamics. The garden is full of metaphorical possibilities- evoking Paradise and the Garden of Eden, it can be both a place of security or entrapment, both a domestic or secret place. It is an artifice in which we can engage with nature in its cycles of change-birth, growth, and death.

I seek to convey the mysterious, fragmentary, and spiritual aspects of the garden, which are also connections we make with the feminine. – Rachael Rose