Rebecca Coote

On a Walk up Cape Deslacs 1

Rebecca’s background in sculpture has influenced her new works on paper. Having started printmaking two years ago her intention is to work sculpturally with the medium and to push the boundaries of traditional printmaking. Exploring a connection to landscape, in particular Pipe Clay Lagoon and the surrounding landscape of her home in Clifton Beach in south-eastern Tasmania, Rebecca plays with repetition and form, using elements – like, leaves, plants, land forms – anything that catches her eye whilst walking through her landscape.  She then layers and constructs them into a new representation of her landscape.

‘On a walk up Cape Deslacs 1’ references Pipe Clay Lagoon and the landforms behind as well as the Banksia marginata which grow in the bush around the track up to the Cape. These elements morph into leaf-like elements, each one individually inked and printed with varying local landscape colours. These leaf forms are repeated over and over, then cut, layered and formed into a banksia, which literally comes off the paper to become more of a sculptural form than a traditional print.