Rebekah Francis


Counterweight is the wild card of change – the extraneous variable.

Transition arrives concealed within endings, signifying imminent renewal. All maps are uncharted in the beginning. Feelings provide a nascent guide.

“Counterweight”: a) a stabiliser; an anchor to the past; the seat of identity. b) The dragging weight of obsolescence yearning to be cut free.

The correct answer often cannot be determined until long after the map is written.

February Felines 2019

“February Felines” is a series of illustrations featuring cats as a vehicle to explore relationships, routines and small moments.

The drawings will take place over the course of one month.  For every day of February I will complete a daily drawing and hang it in the atrium lightbox. The exhibition will build and change over the month and will be finally complete on February 28. This allows for the story to build organically, and ultimately unfold a story about this period of time.

Each illustration is made using pencil, pen, ink, gouache and/or watercolour paper. I also sometimes like to use wash tape or gold leaf to highlight a small area of interest.

Spring Quartet - October 2017

These works are the product of four series, loosely following the seasons. Each series takes place over the course of one month and involve completing a daily drawing. The drawings are first sketched in pencil, and then details are rendered with ink and watercolour before adding pen. Sections are then selected to be ‘coloured’ with pieces of cut washi tape, with this final addition completing the drawing.

This series will explore happenings around my home and Hobart, as Spring awakens the city. I have selected four of my favourite characters that have evolved throughout the seasons, and they will be a vehicle for my observations and experiences as they happen through the month of October. They will develop naturally and unpredictably as the month progresses.

These drawings ultimately tell a story; marking out the seasons of 2017 through the lenses of my various roles. As someone with a young family and a part time worker, my experiences are essentially domestic; mapping out small experiences and capturing tiny fragments of time. Even the medium is a reflection of this reality – a small drawing, often done in the quiet hours of the evening when my time is my own again.

– Rebekah Francis 2017