Ros Meeker

Ros Meeker is a local print maker living in the beautiful area of Snug. Since graduating from the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative Arts, Ros has set up a print making studio in her home, where she can focus on her art. Her artworks are light-hearted motifs, inspired by her surrounds in Tasmania such as the intricate details of our rugged mountains or the currawongs on The Overland Track. Ros takes joy in creating artworks around puns, her works often embracing their titles, which are inevitably a play on words. 

Marking Time Marking Place, 2020

This exhibition showcases recent works by two Tasmanian printmakers who have studied and exhibited together several times in the past, as they share commonality in their processes and their inspirations. Piekutowski and Meeker both perceive landscape in its full scale and its minutiae. Australian flora and fauna make their presence, as well as more nostalgic motifs including architectural landscape, textures, and repetitive patterns in the form of textiles, fabric, weaving and hand stitchery.  The exhibition aims to focus on the mastering of etching, where textures, line work, plate tone and mark making have an incredible significance in making their unique state works distinctive.