Shanshan Ai

Shanshan Ai is a Graduate of the School of Creative Arts.  Her artworks share her connection to her new home in Hobart.  Her paintings, including wilderness scenes and Hobart streetscapes, had the sharp perception of an outsider’s eye coupled with the familiarity of someone who actually lived in Tasmania.


Different family backgrounds and different life experiences lead to the word ‘home’ having different meanings for everyone.

Aaron J Horsley is a local photographer from Tasmania, and Shanshan Ai is a Beijing-based artist now living in Hobart. This couple’s life is not only the collision of two cultures but an example of  the common aspiration of human beings to find  beauty within diversity.

This exhibition features Aaron’s landscape photos from his trip to China juxtaposed with paintings by Shanshan of her daily life in Hobart. The fusion of photos alongside oil paintings enrich the content of the exhibition, and show the happiness and interest of multicultural families living in our beautiful island state.