Trish Verdouw

Trish Verdouw is a visual artist based in Hobart Tasmania. She uses drawing, printmaking and installation to explore social issues that are relevant to society today. She endeavours to represent the vulnerability and the fragility of humanity and the delicate balance of the environment.

Trish Verdouw – The Tidal Line

The Tidal Line is a rhythmic view of the fragility and vulnerability of the environment; where the earth and water collide, the push and pull of the elements.

As I walk Pipe Clay Lagoon a zone between high and low tide, I feel a connection with the physicality of the environment. It’s through walking the tidal line daily that I observe and discover the fragile and forever changing landscape.

Collaboration with the environment is a key strategy for my work as I allow the elements to intrude into my process as a form of mark making. Puddling stained ice cubes of ink and graphite with lagoon water create layers of colour, texture, tone and line forming patterns and movement; the rhythm of nature.