Who is Henry Jones

Henry Jones was born on the 19th of July 1862. His parents John and Emma were immigrants from England answering the call of immigration from the British Isles in the late 1850s. At the age of 12 Henry Jones started work for George Peacock his first and only employer. Working six days a week, ten hours a day Henry Jones pasted labels on jam tins. At the age of 27, he purchased a share of the factory and then from these humble beginnings, rose to fame as an entrepreneur spanning five continents with interests in jam, fruit, timber, mining and shipping.
All this originated in these buildings now comprising the Henry Jones Art Hotel. Henry Jones and Co’s company motto ‘IXL’ dates from about 1895 and, it is said, derived from Henry’s own quote “I excel, in all the products I make”. As a brand name this motto was an inspired choice soon forming part of Tasmanian and Australian folklore. It became instantly recognisable with the man, his factories and his products. He was the largest private employer in Tasmania and at the time, the head of the largest private company in the world exporting jam to countries throughout the world. With this and his contribution to commerce and military efforts, he was the first Tasmanian to be knighted. 
Henry Jones died in 1926 and over 5,000 mourners came to his funeral. Jam however was made through to 1979. It seems fitting that within his own buildings and, at the same time, recognising the importance of his foresight and entrepreneurship - that this Hotel should carry his name.

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